IT Budget Test Case – PRICE Systems

This test case is constructed using the IT Budget Template with the purpose of demonstrating how that template can be used as a starting point for estimating overall costs of hardware, software, IT Support, training, telecommunications, and other Information Systems (IS) components of a small-sized Knowledge-based organization; specifically, PRICE Systems, L.L.C. The inputs that were scaled to represent this fifty-person company are: Number of Deployments, Number of Switches, Number of Routers, Number of Users Supported, Monthly Licensing Cost, Average Class Size, Total Users Supported, Number of Devices and Number of Users. Number of locations was based upon a locations power curve equation. The schedule was adjusted to reflect PRICE’s IT budget for FY15. PRICE test cases are intended to serve as starting points for quality estimation. They require a degree of tailoring and adjustment to meet a specific instance of use. Differences in amount of software and hardware types per client, degree of custom application development required, method of meeting enterprise computing needs (e.g. organically or as a service), system upgrade rate, and other considerations are among the reasons tailoring is required.