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Arlene Minkiewicz

Chief Scientist

Arlene Minkiewicz has 21 years of experience with PRICE. She currently leads PRICE Research and is responsible for research and analysis at the forefront of costing trends.

During her tenure at PRICE, Ms. Minkiewicz has designed and led the implementation efforts for the company’s cost estimating model. She has functioned as the product enhancement lead for all PRICE products, delivering product upgrades and enhancements to PRICE’s client community.

Ms. Minkiewicz’s research has been published in leading trade journals including Software Development, Crosstalk and the British Software Review. She was awarded the 2002 Parametrician of the Year by the International Society of Parametric Analysts and she holds a patent in parametric costing technique. She is a contributing author for several books including IT Measurement, published by the International Function Point User’s Group; The Unified Process Inception Phase, published by CMP books; and The Closed Loop, Implementation Guide for Activity Based Budgeting, published by the Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing – International. In 2004, her research into the cost implications of Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software-based systems was recognized with best paper awards by the International Society of Parametric Analysts and The Society for Cost Estimating and Analysis. Ms. Minkiewicz speaks frequently at professional conferences worldwide on subjects of cost estimating and measurement.