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Bruce Fad

Senior Vice President

Bruce Fad has 32 years of experience with PRICE. A participant in the 1998 management buyout from Lockheed Martin, he is a member of the LLC. He supports all aspects of the PRICE business, including product development, maintenance, enhancements, sales, training, and client support as an invaluable technical consultant.

Throughout his tenure with PRICE, Mr. Fad has developed and used many application techniques to handle specific estimating problems. Positions have included: Director of the ICS (Integrated Cost Solutions, the forerunner of what is now PRICE Consulting), Manager of Worldwide Operations, and Manager of Operations and Engineering. Under his leadership, PRICE Consulting grew by more than 300 percent. Prior to PRICE, Mr. Fad was a graduate instructor in the Mathematics department at the University of Delaware, a commissioned officer in the US Army, an analyst at the National Security Agency (NSA), and Manager of Acquisition Management at Lockheed Missiles and Space Company.

Mr. Fad holds patents in hardware and software parametric costing techniques. He has also provided testimony to the US Tax Court as an expert witness in the subject area of software asset value assessment, and has served as an expert consultant in litigation of government project claims. Mr. Fad is an invited speaker on cost estimating practices at educational institutions and professional conferences in the US, Europe, and Asia.