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Robert Becker

Vice President, PRICE® System Americas

Bob Becker has more than 25 years of experience in technology and technical sales and marketing. He joined PRICE Systems in 2006 and now leads the  business development, services and marketing organizations within PRICE Systems Americas.

Mr. Becker started his career as a COBOL programmer for HBO & Company. His ability to communicate technical information in a non-technical manner was a valuable skill that soon led him to the University of Pennsylvania as a microcomputer consultant to University staff. Mr. Becker then cultivated his love for technology and communications as a Technology Director in the education sector for ten years before leaving to guide a new division of PCN, LLC (Educational Technology Solutions). There, Mr. Becker led the company to record growth over a five-year period and left as President of Educational Technology Solutions, a subsidiary of PCN, LLC. Most recently he led Universal Rocks America as President and Managing Member.

Mr. Becker holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Management Information Systems from Widener University.