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Model-Based Cost Engineering™ Survey


Benchmark Study

Sector: Aeronautics, Space & Defense

Analysis: PRICE® Research

This brief survey allows you to quickly determine your current cost estimation methods’ strengths and weaknesses—knowledge that is critical to streamlining your estimation process to create a data-driven Basis of Estimates (BOE).


Methodology that harnesses data

Predictive models invented here

Methodology that harnesses data

Many organizations do not have the expertise or core competency to build prescriptive, predictive models. We do, with extensive experience, support repeatable programs. We build your data into the models to create your unique program requirements.


PRICE® Research is a dedicated team committed to bringing the science and best practices of cost engineering together for cleaning, linking, and enriching unstructured data. We enable our customers to make better decisions for their programs—hardware, software, microcircuits, services, systems, and information technology.