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Building & Understanding Lifecycle Models

Predictive or parametric models exist for estimating the life-cycle cost of hardware, software and information technology. When it comes to estimating life-cycle costs, the challenge is not the cost modelling, but the data gathering. The life-cycle is defined as a procurement (development and production) plus the in-service (Operating and Support) phase.

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This paper introduces the concept of simple data gathering for O&S cost models including the following topics:

  • Methods of Data Gathering
  • Types of Data Required by Operating and Support Cost Models
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Gathering Techniques
  • Life-Cycle Questionnaire

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The O&S function within the PRICE® Hardware Model has been designed to help establish hardware product O&S cost drivers and to estimate direct system operating and support (maintenance) costs. Any product that can be defined in the Hardware Model terms is a candidate for O&S estimating by the Hardware Model.

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