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Phase Sets and Schedules

By Peter StanleyMay 20, 2020

TruePlanning® has “Phase Sets”

These Sets allow maximum flexibility for inputting Development, Production and O&S Schedules. They are easy to use and allow complete projects to conform to the user’s schedule requirements. (To use Phase Sets, look for the “Phase Sets” section of the TruePlanning Help.)

However, there are some restrictions on the Production schedule when using Yearly Production Quantities.’

  • A user may input Production Quantities for each year of Production.
  • When this is done, the Production Schedule is determined by these yearly inputs, and conflicts with any Phase Set Production End inputs.
  • When both Phased Set Production End Dates AND Production per year are entered, the model will not calculate and will give an error message in the Calculation Log.
  • If this message is received, remove the Production End Date from the Phase Set.


The same error message will be given when a Production End Date is input for a specific Cost Object AND Production per Year is also input.

Remove the Cost Object Production End Date.

The Start of Production may be set in either the Phase Set, or for a specific Cost Object. (See the Help about overriding the Cost Object Production Start Date)