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Predictive Cost Analytics Showing Faster, More Accurate BOE


Cost Engineering Report

Sector: Aeronautics, Space & Defense

Every day, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) awards 1,800 contracts. Commercial aerospace and defense companies spend millions of dollars vying for the DoD’s business. With heavy competition, the chances of winning bids and proposals are slim, but the odds plummet if they’re not assembled properly. This guide details how predictive cost analytics is supporting the DoD’s transformation of its bid and proposal requirements for producing efficient, accurate and defensible estimates – and ultimately, submit more winning bids.

Content by PRICE® Cost Research

Who we are: PRICE® Research is a team of analysts with over 700 years of cost research experience who continually improve our PRICE Cost Analytics™ technology to integrate within our customer’s estimating processes.

What we do: We develop supervised, predictive models and thought leadership to guide aeronautics, space, and defense customers in the acquisition, extraction and transformation of their corporate history.