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PRICE Partner Models

The power and flexibility of PRICE Cost Analytics offers PRICE Systems Model partners the opportunity to develop cost models which leverage the power of TruePlanning, without needing to develop the framework to perform all the analysis and forecasting capabilities already available in TruePlanning.

Below are examples of partner models now available as part of PRICE Cost Analytics.

QinetiQ FACET Catalog (Family of Advanced Cost Estimating Tools)

The FACET for TruePlanning software supports strategic and tactical decision making by establishing realistic and appropriate defense budgets, overcoming the challenge of supplier pricing, and assessing the feasibility of high-level programmatic, performance, and design requirements. With limited information regarding your next project, FACET for TruePlanning is able to provide realistic life cycle cost estimates for pre-concept and concept phase budgeting to avoid funding constraints and tight budgets as the project progresses.

  • FACET Land Catalog – description (One graphic with all ICONS of Land Catalog)
  • FACET Air Catalog – description (One graphic with all ICONS of Air Catalog)
  • FACET Sea Catalog – description (One graphic with all ICONS of Sea Catalog)
  • FACET Space & Training – description (One graphic with all ICONS of S&T Catalog)
  • FACET Weapons & Equipment Catalog – description (One graphic with all ICONS of W&E Catalog)

For more information on the QinetiQ FACET Catalog, click here.

Space Missions Catalog

Based on methodology supporting NASA missions for over 25 years, the PRICE® Space Missions combines the power of the TruePlanning® framework, the PRICE® Hardware model, and PRICE® Research to serve as a one-stop tool for estimating entire missions—from component to system levels through design, fabrication, assembly integration & test, and launch operations, as well as the costs of support functions for each of these activities.


  • Space Assembly
  • Space Component
  • Space COTS
  • Space Electric Propulsion Power
  • Space Ion Thruster


For more information on the Space Missions Catalog, click here.

If you would like to speak to us about offering your cost models as part of PRICE Cost Analytics in the TruePlanning cost estimation framework, let us know.







  • Space Laser
  • Space Parachute
  • Space Radar Altimeter
  • Space Subsystem
  • Space System
  • Space Thermal Protection