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Predictive Models – Custom Models

Custom Client Models

Existing PRICE Cost Analytics customers understand the power and flexibility of the TruePlanning cost estimation framework when combined with the PRICE Models.  Many PRICE customers now develop and publish their own models for use in PRICE Cost Analytics or hire PRICE Research to publish their existing Excel-models into PRICE Cost Analytics as TruePlanning models.

U.S. Army Rotorcraft Catalog - Future Vertical Lift Consortium

TrueRotorcraft uses parametric modeling to accurately estimate costs of current and future rotorcraft concepts.  The model was designed with input from industry, government and academia, and enables rapid trade studies on advanced technologies and configurations and their impacts on entire lifecycle cost.  TrueRotorcraft is integrated in the full-featured TruePlanning estimating framework to provide economic considerations, reporting flexibility, mapping to standard cost/work breakdown structures, exposure of underlying cost estimating relationships, and features to enable data-driven estimating.

American Multinational A&D Customer

  • American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, satellites, and missiles worldwide hired PRICE Systems to publish 80+ proprietary models used for “could cost” analysis. When combined with the PRICE Predictive Models, a complete could cost scenario can be effectively modelled.  This customer hired PRICE Research to publish their models into PRICE Cost Analytics as custom predictive models available only to their company.
  • Native-owned Aviation Services Company – S. Army Aviation support contractor provides support services range from basic manufacturing to technically advanced modifications of aviation, ground, missile and naval weapon systems. This company develops proprietary, custom models “in-house” for use in PRICE Cost Analytics available only to their company.


Want to chat a little bit about publishing your proprietary, Excel-based models in PRICE Cost Analytics for use with TruePlanning®, please let us know.