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PRICE Systems Announces TruePlanning Companion Applications

Mt. Laurel, NJ / September 9, 2012 / PRICE Systems announced the release of 5 Companion Applications for TruePlanning. TruePlanning was updated with an Application Programming Interface (API) that empowers users to build custom applications that tap into TruePlanning estimation engine and data model. The API is built using the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) standard which supports a large number of programming languages, including Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). 

Available to all licensed TruePlanning users via a download from the PRICE website,, the Companion Applications are Excel based and utilize the API interface. The Activity Mapper Companion maps the modeled Work Breakdown Structures from TruePlanning to other structures, like enterprise specific or Cost Element Structures. Parametric Data Forms Companion leverages a users’ expertise in Excel to provide an automated methodology for collecting data submission from SMEs and suppliers. The Sensitivity Analyzer gives users the power to experiment with input parameters to see how cost is affected. Using a range of user driven values, the results are displayed in tabular and graph form. The At Risk Integration Companion links TruePlanning with @Risk to perform Monte Carlo uncertainty simulation on TruePlanning inputs and the Excel Solution allows users to interact with TruePlanning models through a bi-directional Excel interface, making it possible to send and retrieve data to and from TruePlanning.

Licensed users are directed to the Products tab on the PRICE Systems website:

TruePlanning simplifies the design and management of complex projects by enabling faster and more accurate cost and scheduling decisions. It delivers accurate cost estimating to the aerospace and defense industries as well as government agencies including the Department of Defense, NASA and the U.S. Navy.