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A Built-in Path to Data-Driven Estimating

Create credible, defensible estimates using familiar data in familiar formats

Any organization with experience in large-scale engineering projects has a wealth of project cost data that can be valuable for estimating current and future projects. The key is finding an efficient way to harness, manage, and integrate that cost data into your cost estimating and cost management processes. PRICE® TrueFindings® provides an interoperable module within the PRICE® TruePlanning® cost estimating framework to empower PRICE® Estimating Systems Integration. Because it can follow your own organization’s familiar language and cost structure, it helps to provide greater confidence in cost estimate credibility and reliability among corporate decision-makers.

Leverage historic data, cost drivers and associated performance attributes

A TrueFindings® database of historic benchmarks— including your actual costs, cost drivers, and performance attributes—makes it easier to achieve reliable estimating outcomes with a high degree of confidence. Those capabilities enable the following important benefits for your organization:

  • Capture organizational cost data and record “findings” to ensure complete traceability, reusability, and knowledge retention despite employee turnover.
  • Access readily available data from Excel or other business applications to analyze and create “findings” quickly, then support them with powerful statistical analysis, insightful data visualization, intuitive cost metrics.
  • Cleanse, categorize, normalize, calibrate, and analyze data to discover previously hidden relationships.
  • Support cost drivers and estimates with data-driven “findings”, using TrueFindings® connected seamlessly to the TruePlanning® cost estimating framework. 

Build greater confidence in your estimates

TrueFindings® eliminates the difficulty of piecing together disparate tools and data to support your estimates.  It helps you create, attach, and manage “findings” in your model, that drive and defend your cost input values and results, all within the integrated TruePlanning® framework.

By using a language and cost structure familiar to you, your management, and your customer, TrueFindings® makes it easier for everyone to understand and have confidence in the data and substantiation behind your estimates.