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Map Estimate Results to Practical Uses, More Easily

View cost data in more familiar formats that make more sense for your needs

No matter how you arrive at estimate results, their ultimate value depends on how closely you can match those results to your functional needs.

As an integrated module of the PRICE® TruePlanning® Cost Estimating Framework, PRICE® TrueMapper® complements quick access to estimate results with the ability to relate those results to any hierarchical format you choose. As a key link in PRICE® Estimating Systems Integration, it also helps close the loop of life cycle cost management.

Because TrueMapper® lets you organize, present, and compare data in ways that are most relevant to key decision-makers, it promotes greater satisfaction with the utility of your estimates.

A better way to leverage information

TrueMapper® overcomes the difficulties of identifying and comparing common data elements labeled in different ways across various estimating, planning, or budgeting systems. Reconcile top-down vs. bottom-up estimates, spot differences, or compare against actual outlays, for better cost analysis and management.

Aligning estimates with work breakdown structures is as easy as drag-and-drop

TrueMapper® simplifies mapping of TruePlanning’s generic product breakdown structure (PBS) to any other hierarchical breakdown of cost (WBS, CES, OBS, IMS, etc.) with a simple drag-and-drop process that makes it easy to account for all estimate results.

  • Easily load your work, cost, or bidding breakdown from Excel, QDV, ProPricer, Polaris, MS Project, or other tools.
  • Consolidate multiple estimate results into one cost characterization or allocate one estimate line item across multiple cost characterizations.
  • Meet RFP or budget submission requirements, quickly and easily.
  • Quickly compare top-down and bottom-up estimates, line for line, with variances listed as both a cash value and a percentage of difference.
  • Capitalize on the TruePlanning® estimating framework to explore “what if” analyses, budget drills, Analysis of Alternatives, and bid options.
  • Easily save mappings for future reuse.

Bridge the gap between estimates and actual work

In order to be successful in cost management, you need to be able to establish and track relationships between projected costs and actual experience. One government cost analyst’s reaction to the versatility and ease-of-use TrueMapper provides sums up the feelings of anyone who has ever struggled with reconciling cost estimate results to operating budgets: “TrueMapper makes the ‘death-by-mapping’ problem that we face with every estimate much easier. The ease-of-use and reusability will save us hundreds of hours.