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Anthony DeMarco


For more than three decades, Tony DeMarco has been a pioneer in cost forecasting and analysis technology. He has led PRICE® both in its former incarnation as a division of Lockheed Martin and since its inception as a successful independent company, as President, in 1998.

As PRICE® Product Development Manager for several years, Anthony led a team of operations researchers, logisticians, and computer scientists in the development of predictive models and tools to serve the cost estimating and analysis community.

Among Tony’s credits are the design and implementation of the first application-specific integrated circuit cost-estimating tool. He soon added enhancements that produced the first parametric electronic module estimating system, which is still an avionics industry standard. He holds a patent on the PRICE® labor and materials cost estimating model, and, for the PC market, he designed XPERT/H™, a desktop version of the PRICE® Hardware Model.

Tony was appointed in 2001 by then–NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin to serve on the International Space Station Management and Cost Evaluation Task Force. He helped NASA to address cost growth by assessing the quality of the ISS cost estimates as well as program assumptions and requirements, and by identifying high-risk budget areas and potential risk mitigation strategies.

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Arlene Minkiewicz


Arlene leads PRICE® Research and is responsible for the research and analysis at the forefront of costing trends. During her tenure at PRICE®, she has designed and led the implementation efforts for the company’s predictive analytic cost models. In her role, she leads a team responsible for the research and analysis necessary to keep the suite of PRICE® products responsive to current cost trends. She works with industry leaders to collect and maintain cost research data and offers analyses of this data to the cost estimating community through the PRICE® products and public dissertations. Arlene’s research has been published in books, trade journals, and conference proceedings and has been awarded frequently by the industry. She speaks frequently at conferences on subjects of cost estimating and measurement.

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Georges-Toussaint Téologlou

Senior Vice President - International

Georges joined PRICE® Systems in 1982 as Operations Manager and was promoted to Head of PRICE® Systems Europe in 1992. In 2006, he became Head of PRICE® Systems International and manages the PRICE® Systems business in the world outside of the Americas. Recently, Georges has led PRICE® Systems International to achieve business growth in Europe, Asia and Australia, and to become the worldwide leading provider of Cost Estimating and Cost Management Solutions. Georges graduated in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Management and MSc in Computer Sciences Engineering.

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