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PRICE® Research: 2020 Outlook for Government Contractors & Government Organizations

By Arlene MinkiewiczMay 20, 2020

The PRICE® Research team has just completed the finishing touches on new modeling capabilities that will be available soon with the much anticipated TruePlanning® 16.2 release. TruePlanning® is our technology framework, that supports the predictive power of PRICE Cost Analytics™. We are excited to be bringing new modeling capability to the cost community including Common Element Models (for estimating Mil Standard 881D Common element costs), Software Maintenance Models, Hardware Lifecycle Model, Agile Software Models, Cloud Computing guidance, and the new and improved Rotorcraft 3.0 Models.

There is, however, no time for a victory lap! We are jumping right back into the thick of things and zooming forward with new and on-going research initiatives for 2020. We have been working with universities and industry to study the economic issues associated with the deployment and operations of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)/ Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Systems – studying the costs and benefits of deploying such solutions in major metropolitan areas. In conjunction with this AAM/UAM research we are launching a studying on the costs of production and operation of lithium Ion Batteries – one of the important enablers for AAM/UAM successes.

On the hardware front, we have launched a new project focused on improving the development and production cost estimates of tooling and test costs in our hardware models. Research is also on-going to enhance our ability to estimate lifecycle costs for hardware systems, including estimation across multiple theaters and total ownership costs for complex systems.

Another new project the PRICE® Research team is pursuing is the dataset initiative. The goal of this initiative is to offer transparent and easy to use data sets to the PRICE® Community. To accomplish this, we are culling through internal and publicly available data sets to gather comprehensive, well indexed datasets for multiple uses. These datasets will contain cost, effort, schedule, technical and programmatic data that can be used create benchmarks and support calibration studies for specific estimating objectives. We hope to be able to include sanitized industry data where it is available, please feel free to contact us if you have or are aware of sources of such data that would be useful to the rest of the community.

Software estimation is also on the forefront of the Cost Research team’s focus. Validation studies, guidance and improvements are underway for the new agile software estimating capability being delivered with the TruePlanning® 16.2 release. The intent is to create a roadmap for using these new models in the context of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). We are also working with subject matter experts and other industry leaders to develop a core set of agile metrics that align with best practices and support Earned Value Management (EVM) goals. Research continues on the cloud computing study featured in TruePlanning® 16.2. Additional data is being collected and the results will be updated in a future release of PRICE Cost Analytics™.

All of our technology capabilities are assessable for evaluation via a Proof-of-Value process that demonstrates our value in your environment.