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PRICE Systems and Planisware Join Forces to Enhance Enterprise Management

PRICE to Empower Project Management by Feeding Cost Data to OPX2

MT. LAUREL, NJ / March 10, 2003 / PRICE Systems, a global forerunner in advanced cost forecasting and analysis, announced today that it has entered a partnership with Planisware, a leader in project management software.

"It's a perfect match," explained PRICE Systems' Southern Europe Operations Manager, Jean-Michel Issakidis. "Planisware's OPX2 is a powerful, enterprise management tool, while PRICE has a world leading parametric cost estimating suite. The combined architecture optimises decision processing and total customer solutions."

Planisware and PRICE Systems have designed an interface between their products that focus on user benefits throughout the decision process. This interface is based on a master project schedule, managed by OPX2, with an unlimited number of levels and simulation versions stored in the database. During the simulation process, the user can integrate with a single click various project scenarios built from PRICE parameters, undo and redo them, then finally compare them using the OPX2 "Tree-do" analysis tool.

Companies bidding for large projects, such as defence, aerospace, or energy normally use a combination of so-called "top-down" and "bottom-down" project management. The OPX2 software handles both methods equally well. Adding PRICE's cost estimating tools to the package brings new dimension to PM decision-making.

"The advantage of this partnership to the 'top-down' technique is that managers can now efficiently match client's requirements in a 'design-to-cost' approach," said Planisware VP Business Development, Francois Pelissolo. "On the other hand, the Price approach for cost estimating is also a good alternative to a full bottom-up estimate, because it provides a model that will allow accurate decision-making in the bidding process."

By example, Pelissolo noted that using PRICE parameters along with OPX2 scheduling features could optimise a defence contractor's delivery schedule of, say, ten ships or aircraft, one-by-one, to the customer. According to the level of parallelism of different production projects, PRICE parameters will give various cost and duration scenarios. These simulations will allow the OPX2 user to negotiate a contract with a good level of control over risks, financial impact, and expected benefits.

Both Planisware and PRICE Systems software are user-interface driven, and provide project decision-makers with an easy to use, integrated spreadsheet. They also share the same core structure (project WBS), for smooth integration with other programs like Microsoft Project.

About Planisware
Planisware's OPX2 is one of the leading Project Management software in Europe. It's successful track record in the defence, IT, pharmaceuticals, R&D, and automotive industries has also launched OPX2 into the US marketplace, where it has been selected by several Fortune 500 companies as their corporate PM solution.