From the presentation, it looked like the TP risk area included the capability for percent inputs around the point inputs rather than having to enter value?

Yes, we’ve added Percent (as well as offset) to the FRISK input method to set pessimistic and optimistic values off the point values.  In the 1st example below I’ve used +20% and -10% respectively, around the Weight of Structure’s point’s value.  Per the 2nd example below, we can do likewise in our Monte Carlo companion applications, where our new custom logic satisfies NASA’s typical approach for mass growth-risk with Optimistic=CBE {i.e., your point value}, Most Likely = CB+Contingency (20% in example, but then customizable by subsystem), and Pessimistic=Most Likely + say 30% (but again subsystem-specific).

Example#1: FRISK

EXAMPLE#2: Monte Carlo via Crystal Ball

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