Original Post Date: Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To me the greatest strength of TruePlannning®  is its flexibility and wide range of parameters. AND, to me the greatest weakness of TruePlanning®  is its’ flexibility and wide range of parameters.

The nature of the TruePlanning® framework, the idea of cost catalogs with cost objects, and the implementation of activity based costing allows or provides for a wide range of solutions to our cost estimating requirements. TruePlanning’s ® ability to address a wide range of cost problems lies in its flexibility and extensibility. The clever use of worksheets, multipliers, and the product breakdown structure all assist the analyst in solving hard cost estimating problems.

Ahhhhh the beauty of an esoteric / elegant solution to a cost problem that uses the full range and power of TruePlanning®! Yes Yes … “I am the cost man made of steel which can leap tall cost problems in a single bound.” There is just one little problem with that self deluding thought. If no one else can understand what you did then how useful is your estimate? Fortunately TruePlanning®  has a great way to document what you have done so others can follow your methodology and process. Each input item has a note icon that can be opened which will provide a dialog box. In this dialog box there is a general description of the parameter but more importantly in regards to your own documentation there is a notes section and a file attachment section (see the figure below) These capabilities can be used by the analyst to fully document his or her approach to the value they selected or calculated for that particular parameter.




Bob Koury
Senior Cost Research Analyst, PRICE Systems