Original Post Date: Monday, June 7, 2010

Currently we are exploring the best approach to including a more comprehensive cost estimate for Total Ownership Costs (TOC) into TruePlanning. The current version of the software has focused on development and production costs with some life cycle costing including. The life cycle costs included are focused on the system specific O&S costs such as initial spares for priming the supply pipeline, maintenance, replenishment spares, etc. It is a system view as opposed to a program view of TOC.

As we better understand the need to conduct affordability studies it has become clear that design decisions which can be assessed in regards to their total ownership cost will result in more affordable systems. In order to do this we need to include a greater range of cost elements such as construction of system support facilities, O&M of infrastructure and system facilities, some personnel cost which are enterprise level not necessarily systems specific and so forth. What is not clear is how these elements differ from different customer perspectives.

For example, our current lifecycle costs have an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) flavor to it. Whereas I speculate that a PEO, PM, or service staff analyst might have a need for a broader set of elements. Feedback in this regard from our customers would be very beneficial.

Bob Koury
Senior Cost Research Analyst, PRICE Systems