How can I convert space-related PES files to TruePlanning?

If you all are still using PRICE-H and not yet using TruePlanning, there are now tools available to fast-forward your file conversions.

You have two options:  convert your models to the True-Hardware catalog or to the new Space Catalog.

In the latter case, you can also choose to estimate System Level resources per below--

Different NASA Centers and contractors are opting for either approach, depending on their existing methodologies.  If you want to leverage our data-driven CERs for the above categories, then use the Space Catalog.

If you do your own “post processing” then either use True-Hardware/Software catalogs (which do not estimate these categories) or use the Space Catalog _with_ these system-level resources disabled.

To watch the "Best Practices using the TruePlanning Space Missions" Webinar, click here.