Original Post Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2010

National Boss Day is quickly approaching! While October 16th is the actual day this year it will be observed on Oct 15th since the 16th falls on a Saturday and what boss wants to hear from his or her employees on a day off even to be showered with cards, flowers and accolades.  According to Barry Wood, Boss Day was started in 1958 when Patricia Bays Haroski of Deerfield Ill registered it as a special date with the US Chamber of Congress to honor her boss (who was also her father).  October 16th was his birthday.

By now, thoughtful readers are no doubt racking their brains for thoughtful, meaningful and unique ways to show their boss’s how much they appreciate them.  A card will be read, appreciated, maybe even invoke a chuckle,  but eventually discarded – and cards are so overdone.  Taking her out to lunch is nice, but it’s forgotten by dinner time and just so cliché.  Why not dare to be different this year?

 If you want to stand out this Boss’s Day as the employee who really knows how to show appreciation, then you need to introduce your boss to a tool designed to make her life easier with every new project she oversees.  By educating your boss about the benefits of parametric cost, effort and schedule estimating with a tool like TruePlanning – you will present the gift that keeps on giving.  But time is running out – before you can educate your boss, you need to learn as much as possible about parametric cost estimation for hardware, software and information technology infrastructure and the systems that are built with these components.   Your visit to the PRICE website today could be your first step not only towards delighting your boss (and all the perks that come with that!) but also to establishing yourself as the kind of ‘outside the box’ thinker a company like yours needs to be successful.