Original Post Date: Friday, February 25, 2011

PRICE Systems is currently developing a COM interface for TruePlanning. I know, I know…  What’s COM you say? COM stands for (Component Object Model) and it's a programmable interface which exposes the TruePlanning estimating brains for integration and analysis!  I know it sounds boring but it’s really cool because it allows anyone, including our users, to build “apps” for TruePlanning similar to the way “apps” are built for the iPhone.  Let me give you some examples of some apps that you can build:  Excel solution, sensitivity analysis,  project comparison, risk simulation, total cost of ownership (TOC) solution, calibrate multiple inputs, optimize maintenance concepts and more.  The apps can be developed using a host of tools including VBA which comes with Microsoft Office.  Expect some apps to be built by PRICE but anyone can do it.  If you have an idea for a creative TruePlanning “app” let us know about it because that will help us build the right COM interface for you.