Original Post Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I’m not a golfer. But we’ve all heard one say “that’s why I play” after hitting a shot and feeling like it all came together. What “it” is, in terms of mechanics and timing, I’m not really sure. 

In our own world of parametrics, it’s the feeling of adding value in that golden moment of facilitating decisions and forward momentum. We wear many hats: estimating, consulting, systems engineering...even cost accounting.  Building an AoA, ICE or ROM is where rubber-meets-the-road in regards to configurations and assumptions. 

Not too long ago I was in a discussion with a number of Subject Matter Experts and realized that most of us at the table hadn’t had a chance to hear each other’s perspectives. Enter the consensus-maker! With parameter pick-lists and definitions displayed as talking points, we talked through the scenarios and operational expectations. 

We clearly needed a common frame of reference to get to a real-time resolution. The group built momentum, carrying over past the meeting. My role that day was to facilitate. When it all comes together, bridging between representatives from business operations, program management, systems engineering and field operations, it’s a very good feeling to add value. Maybe not as perfect as a hole-in-one, but I’ll take “it” every time!