Original Post Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Next month (8/4 @ 12pm EST) I am presenting a webinar to discuss using TruePlanning on Source Selections. What prompted me to develop this webinar were the many recent success stories I’ve had using TruePlanning during the Source Selection process. Going a bit further, I am going to show an actual case study where TruePlanning was used to conduct an Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) exercise – along with cost/effectiveness results. We will explore a bit about the technical side of the proposed designs, develop the modeling in TruePlanning and discuss the results.

In addition, we will explore the uses of TruePlanning during Source Selection from both the Customer and Supplier’s perspective. While they are similar, there are a few differences. Some of the uses of TruePlanning from the supplier’s perspective are listed below.


Supplier’s Perspective

  • Should Cost – Are my vendors quoting us the best price?
  • Ghosting the Competition – What are my competitors most likely to bid?
  • Independent Cost Estimate (ICE) – What does an completely independent look say about my bid? Are we competitive?
  • Risk Analysis – Is our bid over conservative, how much risk are we willing to take and how much cost exposure can we absorb.        
  • Schedule Estimating – Can we really do the job within the schedule constraints?
  • Trade Studies – What other configurations, materials or technologies might we consider?

During the webinar, I will also discuss using TruePlanning from the Customer perspective as well. I’ll then discuss best practices for implementing TruePlanning during Source Selection. Look forward to “seeing” you at the webinar!

To register for this webinar click here! 

Zach Jasnoff
Solutions Architect, PRICE Systems