Original Post Date: Thursday, June 24, 2010

"And me boss. And me boss. And me boss!"

Just like Bugs Bunny tricking the mob boss into an unfair share of the loot, who doesn’t want a piece of the action. In this case the “action” is the estimate you have just finished in TruePlanning and would like to share with your coworkers. No problem, just share your project.

Project sharing is a feature that is available to users who are using the Client/Server version of TruePlanning and it allows users to access projects that have been created on the centralized database by other users. If you are using standalone you will need to export your project to a tpprj file.

There are a few ways to set up sharing on a project. From the Project Manager dialog select a project, and then click the “Project Sharing” button on the left. In the Project Manager dialog you can also right click on any project listed and select Sharing from the right-click menu. If you have the project you would like to share already open, use File->Properties, then select the Sharing tab.




When sharing you can share your project to all users or you can share your project to specific users. If you would like to share to only specific users, select the “Share with the following users” radio button, then add them via the “Add” button.

Once a project has been shared, any user who has access to the project can open it and alter it. At this time TruePlanning does not support the concept of a ‘Read-only’ project. If a project is going to be shared, but the original estimate needs to be preserved, a copy of the original should be made and not shared.

Users who have been given access to TruePlanning via sharing have the ability to open, alter and save the project. They cannot rename, delete, or set sharing on projects they do not own. If a user would like to rename or alter sharing rights, they need to make a copy of the project. When a user makes a copy of a project that has been shared to them, they are the owner of the copy and can rename and alter sharing rights on the copy.

That’s it! You now have a piece of the action.

 Ed Merriman
Applications Engineer, PRICE Systems