Here’s a great article about technical debt - “How Technical Debt Threatens Your Brain Capital”.  The author focuses not on the principle and interest of the technical debt, but rather the impact that technical debt has on the development team.  The author’s thesis is that one of the not-so-often talked about side effects of unaddressed and lingering technical debt is how its existence begins to chip away at the morale of your team.  If the product owners and the business are constantly choosing short cuts to get features to market without committing enough time to refactor these short-cuts, they are creating a tense and highly frustrating atmosphere for the development team. Good developers want to develop excellent code and they want to work in a place where they are provided with the right tools and environment to facilitate the development of excellent code.   If most of their time is spent fighting fires – they are not loving their jobs.  And good developers can find other jobs.  A business that constantly puts off refactoring in favor of other business priorities runs the risk of losing their best and their brightest to organizations that offer a balanced environment where excellent developers can consistently create and maintain excellent code.