The Business Executive attains greater opportunities for more profitable engagements, empowered
by effectively leveraging agile, data-driven, credible estimating solutions.  The implementation of TruePlanning immediately affords a more strategic view of life cycle cost estimation to improve the organization’s efficiency— from better planning and better priority setting, through cost estimation
of the entire program life cycle.  With improved cost estimating accuracy and insight according to
actual experience, the Executive improves customer trust, improve confidence in innovation, and
ultimately improve both top-line as well as bottom-line growth.

  • Make well-informed decisions, about programs and projects across the total lifecycle, by utilizing best available evidence from organizational learning as “calibrated” basis.
  • Gain strategic capability to bridge cost estimating, life cycle cost management, and earned value management based on actual client project history.
  • Gain competitive advantage, by empowering Capture Managers with complete analyses of both their technical solution and organizational footprint.
  • Support overall organizational objectives with confidence in strategic budget/ investment decisions and confidence in the cost, schedule, and risk components of estimates.
  • Utilize a closed-loop system to improve cost estimating speed, cost estimating accuracy, transparency and standardization of all estimating processes.

Success can be accelerated by the integration of PRICE® Predictive Cost Analytics (PCA) across business, engineering, and program management objectives in order to produce competitive solutions. 

TruePlanning immediately facilitates objective quantitative assessment of customer needs/
requirements, winning-business solutions, and project lifecycle cost management.

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