The Business Executive Executives typically challenge their managers of Finance, Engineering and Project Management with reducing risk, reducing cost, and increasing efficiency.  With TruePlanning, the latter can effectively and quickly estimate, evaluate, and direct – whether with initial bids, design trades, alternative analyses, or engineering changes.  With a life cycle approach to Program Affordability Management, these managers can readily accelerate value to the customer, integrate processes, and improve the effectiveness of project selection, control, and delivery.

  • Improve overall cost control and program management, by integrating cost estimating tools into life cycle cost management processes.
  • Increase ability to select and plan projects that can be delivered on time and on budget while delivering the most value for investment (supporting business case analysis by comparing multiple projects, as well as competitors, on benefits and value as well as on expected costs).
  • Increase visibility of cost drivers across the organization, leading to improved capacity analysis, supplier assessment, and risk mitigation for better budgeting, financial control and procurement.
  • Provide a frame of reference for communication, standardization, collaboration and results-sharing throughout the program and throughout the supply chain.
  • Optimize affordability and life cycle cost management, by directing the cost aspects of a program lifecycle with proven unique capability, performance, dependability and supportability.

Success can be accelerated by the PRICE® Prescriptive Cost Analytics (PCA) integration of business, engineering, and program management objectives in order to produce competitive solutions.  

TruePlanning immediately facilitates objective quantitative assessment of customer needs/
requirements, winning-business solutions, and project lifecycle cost management.

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