TrueMapper now integrates with Aceit 7.4. This is good news for users of Aceit 7.4. As there may still be some Aceit 7.3 users as well TrueMapper still continues to integrate with Aceit 7.3.

In order to accommodate the ability to target multiple versions of Aceit and manage the fact that the number of 3rd party applications that TrueMapper integrates with is increasing, it was a good time to redo TrueMapper’s menus.

As can be seen in the screenshot below, the latest version of TrueMapper has rearranged its menus so all of the 3rd party integrations are contained in main menu with submenu items:

Below is a screenshot showing the expanded menu for 3rd party exports:

And here we can see the menu items for Aceit 7.3 and Aceit 7.4: 

The integration with Aceit works the same way for both versions. If you have any questions or would like a copy the TrueMapper version with Aceit 7.4 support, please contact PRICE Systems