As a Hybrid / Monolithic Microware Integrated Circuit (MMIC) designer back in the day, and then later on when I actually had to perform cost estimates for new Hybrids and MMICs, I sure wish I had a tool like TruePlanning Microcircuits at my disposal. This tool makes estimating the cost of both of these types of circuits a breeze. With just a little bit of data I can literally estimate the cost of one of these circuits in minutes! Actually gathering the data is definitely the harder part of the process. For a MMIC, all it really takes is data like the chip size, the number of transistors and pin-outs, wafer size and operating frequency, along with answering a few multiple choice questions to set a few other key parameters (about ten inputs total), hit calculate and there you have a full set of industry standard costs by resource and activity for both Development as well as Production, including unit production cost (UPC).

 For a full-up hybrid / module, all it takes is a good parts list / understanding of the chips and components that make it up, the size (length and width) of the hybrid, along with answers to a few more multiple choice questions. That’s all there is to it! With that done, you can easily drag and drop a hybrid (module) into a broader system estimate in TruePlanning, along with other hardware and software components, to estimate the cost of an entire system. How much easier could it be?!