Original Post Date: July 1, 2015



A new version of PRICE’s Excel Add-in for TruePlanning, the Large Project Engine (LPE) has been created that allows users to select TruePlanning project files as well as projects in the database.



When selecting a behavior in the LPE that targets a TruePlanning project, users can now pick TruePlanning project files (*.tpprj) files as well as TruePlanning projects that are stored in the database.

Operations that support this can be identified by the small down arrow in the ribbon menu buttons which indicates a ‘split button’. When the buttons are used, users are given the option to select the database or a file. If uses chose to target a file, they will be asked to browse to the file they would like to target. 


The operations that support this are:

  •           Fill From TruePlanning
  •           Create New Project
  •           Update Calculators
  •           Get Notes

If you would like a copy of latest version of the LPE or have questions, please contact PRICE Systems.