Original Post Date: September 30, 2015

If you’ve ever taken one of my classes, you know how much the Find & Replace function “is my friend.”  Well, it just got a lot more flexible and powerful.  Thanks to your requests (especially by NASA), we’ve added a number of new features and utility functions within the tool.  

o Easy Access:   You can now access F&R from any of the input sheets, as well as from the attributes tab and within editing a worksheet set.  Simply right click an item’s Value cell and select the F&R option.

o  Multiple F&R:  You can likewise change multiple project items at the same time, either within the new Find and Replace Dialog panel (more description to follow) or directly form the input sheet.  For the latter, just use the Control key to select multiple items!

o Scaling Functionality:  You can now affect an item’s value in multiple ways: by Number, Offset, Multiplier or Percentage.  All similar to the PES scaling tool, with the addition of adjusting any item (not just weight or volume).

o New Parameters: Beyond values, notice also that you can make F&R changes to Inheritance, Units, Economic Base Year, Risk settings/values as well as Uncertainty settings/values.  

There are a few other new features specific to Find & Replace.  For example, the Modeless capability where you can see results simultaneously as well as the enhanced Help descriptions for the F&R topic.  Your best bet is to check out the step-by-step tutorial now available online on our website.


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