Original Post Date: September 30, 2015

I was asked recently to provide insight on where & how some of customer organizations utilize PRICE in instituting a “Center of Excellence” using our software toolsets.  Of course, I’ll keep the names generic as you hopefully learn more from two instances where we are quite proud of their progress incorporating our tools into their workflows and business practices.  Below are two examples.

  • A major military/commercial aerospace company has relied upon PRICE software as its primary estimating toolset for over 25 years.  Its Affordability Analysis group is recognized and utilized as the company’s lead in parametric estimation.  It supplies independent cross-check and trade study support to multiple departments and program managements.  Its advocates include the President of the company.  It provides tool guidance and support to other functional estimating groups, including Core Estimating, Value Engineering and System Engineering.  It also “loans” resources out to these groups, as well as program managements, as imbedded estimators who implement best practices/techniques, including the use of our tools.  

  • A major commercial aerospace-engine supplier has established itself as the lead function for maintaining/updating methodologies and best practices, to include PRICE software, for all company parametric estimation.  It is leading the execution of the company’s Design-to-Cost initiative across all departments and programs.  It trains other resources in the use of our tool.  It maintains “calibration” and “findings” knowledge bases for the company.  Its implementation of the latter includes integration into Advanced Concepts and other engineering functions.  Its leadership role is core to the company’s successful adoption of parametrics as well as the new DTC initiative, through their utilization/standardization to TruePlanning and TrueFindings tools.  

  • Note that in both examples, they act as a centralized function for advocating standardized parametric processes.  Perhaps your organization does too?  Or you would like advice and help getting there?  Please let us know.  Always happy to help you achieve your goals and reach the next level.

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