Original Post Date: October 8, 2015

The TruePlanning’s plug-in to Model Center has had an update to fix some issues that were found with the plug-in.

- Removed extra elements that had been appearing the Model Center’s Model tree. Users were finding that as they worked with the TruePlanning plug-in, elements from the selected TruePlanning project were appearing in the Model tree with zero values.

- The error displayed when the plug-in is used with a TruePlanning database with no projects saved was updated to clearly indicate that there were no projects in the database.

- Links created between the TruePlanning plug-in elements and other Model Center model elements are now properly saved when the Model Center project is saved.

- Issues calculating TruePlanning projects when the TruePlanning Cost Objects contain special characters was fixed.

- The image displayed on icon representing the TruePlanning plug-in in a Model Center project is not properly showing a TruePlanning icon.

- Issue calculating when there is whitespace in Cost Object names was fixed.

The updated Model Center plug-in can be downloaded from:



Users who already have a version of the TruePlanning plug-in for TruePlanning 2014SR2 should uninstall the existing plug-in before installing the new version. They can do this by uninstalling “TruePlanningPlugInInstall_2014_2” from the “Programs and Features” dialog available through the Windows Control Panel.