Original Post Date: October 8, 2015

Over the last couple of months PRICE has received a number of support calls related to an inability to import or export *.tpprj files from TruePlanning. When an import or export is attempted users are receiving an error indicating a “bad parameter or missing node”.

The cause of this error has been a case of a missing XML library known as the MSXML4 library. MSXML4 had been installed as part of Windows operating systems by default for years, but newer versions of XML libraries have been created and are now used exclusively so new installations of current operating systems, and operating systems that get updated frequently no longer have the older XML libraries.

There are two ways to remedy this issue: upgrade the version of TruePlanning being used or install the MSXML4 library. 

Upgrade TruePlanning

The most recent patch versions of TruePlanning (14.2.5598.2 and later) have been updated to not require the MSXML4 library. Users who have not yet installed TruePlanning can install latest version. Users who have an existing installation of TruePlanning 2014SR2 can run a patch that will upgrade TruePlanning so that it no longer needs MSXML4.

Users will need administrator rights to install either the full installation or the patch.

Full Installation


Patch to upgrade TP2014SR2



Install MSXML4

Users of TruePlanning 2014SR1 and older should install the MSXML4 library. This will not impact other applications, but will satisfy TruePlanning and remove the error when importing and exporting. It can be downloaded from Microsoft.

When downloading the file from Microsoft, users will be asked to pick a specific file to download and should select “msxml.msi”.

Users will need administrator rights to install the MSXML4 library and should reboot after installing the library.

MSXML4 installation



As always, please feel free to reach out to PRICE Systems with any questions or issues that arise: 1-800-43-PRICE (77423).