For all you legacy PRICE-H users, your requests were heard loud & clear regarding estimation of multiple production lots, to include the option of specifying gaps between lot runs.

The new Multi-Lot solution is controlled at the system-level via a Production Learning Gap Loss Factor  input.  It’s set at the top-folder object, under the Detailed Estimate input #62.  This input serves as a linear multiplier to adjust or eliminate the setback (gap) between lots of a multiple lot production run. This control hence allows you to account for more or less "loss of learning" during the gap.  Setback can be categorized as interruptions in the supply of material, funds or labor.  The preset value for this parameter is 1.0—representing the multiplier decrement effect.

Also in the works is a Multi-Theatre control, which we will have in the 2016 Beta for your testing.

So once again, tell us what you think.  Can you use it now?  How can we adapt/expand for your needs?  Help us invent the future together…


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