Adoption of our Space Missions Catalog has been strong this year.  But many of you have asked if and when the TruePlanning for Hardware Catalog could be enhanced for unmanned space applications, both earth-orbiting & planetary missions.  You asked, we are very soon delivering!

For 2016, we will soon roll out an extensive listing of MCPLXSs and MCPLXEs, likely implemented in the Equipment Type input.  This new table of manufacturing complexities was developed specifically for use with the TruePlanning for Hardware catalog.  A combination of three sources of data were utilized: 

        I.            The PRICE Knowledge Network (KN),

      II.            Specific Spacecraft Bus Component Calibrations,

    III.            Calibrated Complexities embedded in PRICE tools. 

These three data sources contained publicly available as well as proprietary data.  As a result, individual records of the sources are not included with table publication.  Rather, statistical metrics based on record averages and calibration to actuals are used to categorize component complexity values for parametric estimating purposes.  Since some of the KN is proprietary, ITAR restricted, or both, only the tables with generic component titles are supplied in the new listing of complexities.

Below is a small _sample_ listing of these new complexities.  Note that for both MCPLXS (Structure) and, where applicable corresponding MCPLXE (Electronics), the manufacturing complexities are sorted first by Bus Subsystem or Payload, then by Component element title.  Note also that complexities are given by Mission Type:  Earth-orbiting (in green) and Planetary (in blue).  Note finally that weight splits are also given, based on record averaging.  

Access is coming soon, first for our beta testers.  Let us know if you are interested.  Again, always happy to help you achieve your goals and reach the next level.  Your request drove this enhancement.  Thanks for awakening the force of our data mining and calibration


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