In our December blog, we described the upcoming Hardware catalog’s new Equipment Type calculator, enhanced significantly with new Unmanned Space manufacturing complexities, both for Earth-Orbiting and Planetary missions.  {We also emailed all customers with a link for updating this calculator in v14.2}

So what is else is forthcoming in TruePlanning v2016, specifically the Hardware catalog?  Plenty!

We’ve added an Additive Manufacturing Calculator--  

The calculator derives a value for Manufacturing Complexity for Structure value (based on core equations from the Hardware Component model) using inputs such as Part Weight, Part Dimensions, Material Type, Manufacturer, 3D Printer, etc. --

The user can also specify post-processing choices such as heat treatment, surface finishing, additional machining, and various quality control tests—

The calculated result again is a Manufacturing Complexity for Structure value.  Associated costs are in three main categories:

  • Printer cost, where total ownership cost of the printer is amortized for this project, versus expected printer lifetime),
  • Material cost, as a function of the weight of the item and the material cost-per-pound,
  • Post Processing cost, for all of the refinement steps possibly taken after the parts are printed.

Access is coming soon, first for our beta testers.  Let us know if you are interested.  Again, always happy to help you achieve your goals and reach the next level.  Your requests drove this enhancement

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