Part 1 & 2 described 2016’s updates in the Hardware and Software catalogs

So what else new has TruePlanning 2016 got in store for its estimating models? 

A significantly enhanced approach to estimating Information Technology equipment and Services!

Our new approach to IT estimation is to treat deliverables as services which can either be delivered
with in house resources or contracted (or some combination of the two).  The list is actually quite an enhancement to our acquisition-only approach--

  • Software and COTS Related Services

–      Application Development Services

–      Application Services

–      Database Services

  • Equipment Related Services

–      End User Services

–      Infrastructure Services

  • User Focused Services

–      Training Services

–      Help Desk Services

  • Other IT Related Services

–      Facility and Communication Services

And for each type of service above, we have two separate object instances for each type of service. New Projects will estimate tasks such as developing new software, putting new COTS system into circulation, setting up a data center or call center, etc.  Operations will estimate tasks for ongoing maintenance of a software application, ongoing configuration and operation of a COTS system, ongoing maintenance and operation of a data center, maintenance and operations of a call center, etc

So the complete list of objects then is as follows—

We feel that this approach better aligns to the way organizations estimate and budget for IT services.

Access is coming soon, first for our beta testers.  Let us know if you are interested.  Again, always happy to help you achieve your goals and reach the next level.  Your requests drove these enhancements.

Success can be accelerated by the PRICE® Predictive Cost Analytics (PCA) integration of business, engineering, and program management objectives in order to produce competitive solutions. 

TruePlanning immediately facilitates objective quantitative assessment of customer needs/requirements, winning-business solutions, and project lifecycle cost management.

Contact me for a demonstration, either in person or via telecon. 

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