TrueFindings helps users make sense of their data by allowing them to perform analysis that leads to the production of defendable estimates in TruePlanning. TrueFindings simplifies and promotes data management in a repeatable cost analytic-centric process. PRICE is always looking for ways to help users get the most out of the tools it provides. In TruePlanning 2016 PRICE will be providing a new high performance Excel interface and as part of this interface users will be able to move data from TruePlanning projects into an Excel file that can be natively imported by TrueFindings.

TruePlanningXL is the new high performance interface between TruePlanning and Excel that will come with TruePlanning 2016. One of its features will be the ability to move data from a TruePlanning project to Excel in a format that can be imported directly into TrueFindings.


Simple as a button click

Many PRICE users have TruePlanning projects that contain a treasure trove of information. Weights, complexities, software line counts, and costs are just some of the data points found in TruePlanning projects. This data is invaluable for users who want to leverage cost analytics. One of the best ways to use the data in existing TruePlanning projects is to get it into TrueFindings. Now it is as simple as a button click.


Clicking the “Generate Import Sheet” button on the TruePlanningXL ribbon will produce an Excel sheet that can be imported by TrueFindings.  Simple as that.  The resulting sheet includes all of the inputs and metrics found in the target projects. In “soon to be released” versions of TruePlanningXL, Attributes from the target project will be included as well.  


As can be seen in the screenshot above, the Excel sheet is properly formatted for import into TrueFindings. The required columns are provided and the data columns are properly decorated with the unit and typing information that TrueFindings uses to analyze the data. 


Metrics are also included.

To import the data into TrueFindings, users just need to save the Excel files and then use the Excel import feature of TrueFindings. The data can be imported into an existing TrueFindings knowledge base to allow users to build large repositories of data across many projects. 


Below is the same set of data, but subset to only display rows representing the data from Hardware Components. 


Below is a screenshot of the above TrueFindings file, updated to include the Hardware Components from both the A-3 Tigre and PRICE’s F-15 template (available online). This clearly shows how users can build up a view of their TruePlanning project data in TrueFindings.

So with a button click, users can move TruePlanning projects into Excel and then, with minimal effort, import that data into TrueFindings. Please feel free to contact PRICE if you have any questions about this feature, TruePlanning, TrueFindings, or any other PRICE products and services.