TruePlanning® 2016 will be coming out very soon, and one of its new capabilities is modeling of scheduled maintenance activities.  Our hardware operation and support (O&S) model has historically focused on the costs involved with unscheduled maintenance, which are maintenance activities that react to a situation (e.g. a system failure) that needs to be fixed or replaced.  However, scheduled maintenance can also be a significant cost, and this can now be captured by our hardware model.  Here are some example situations that can now be easily modeled.

Scheduled maintenance is performed at regular intervals, which can be based on calendar time (every 3 months) or another milestone, such as after operating for a predetermined period of time (every 50 flight hours).  The cost of a scheduled maintenance activity can be purely labor (inspections), or can include labor and material costs (applying sealant, cleaning, painting).  There can also be costs for test sets or support equipment (re-calibrating the system), and even floor space charges for this equipment.  All of these scenarios can be modeled in TruePlanning® 2016.

For those interested in modeling scheduled maintenance with TP 2016, there is a more detailed guide for each scenario, and an example TruePlanning® project file available to help get you started.  If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment!