Calibration is at the heart of cost analytics and TruePlanning’s support for calibration is one of the features that makes the TruePlanning suite of products the premier suite for performing cost analytics. TruePlanning has a built in calibration feature that allows users to set up and perform calibrations repeatedly. Additionally, the Excel based Excel Solution provided by PRICE supports calibration efforts from Excel. The “new for TruePlanning 2016” TruePlanningXL also supports calibration from Excel. TruePlanningXL is a new Excel Add-in provided by PRICE to allow users to work more efficiently in Excel with the suite of TruePlanning products.

TruePlanningXL only requires four columns with some header values to perform calibrations: The target metric, the target input, the tolerance for a successful result, and the maximum number of tries allowed to run to achieve a successful calibration. 

Users could enter the required header data by hand if they wish, or they can use GUI support provided by the TruePlanningXL. To use the GUI users would launch the Preferences dialog and then click on the “Setup” button in the Calibration group. 


In the Calibration setup dialog, users select the target input and the target metric. They also supply the percent tolerance for an acceptable result and the maximum number of tries to achieve a calibration. Then users click the “Create” to insert the headers into Excel. 

Once the required headers have been added users supply a target value in the column with the “Calibration Target” header for each row that should have a calibration performed. The value supplied is the ‘target’ value for the calibration. 


Once the user has all the target values for the calibration in place, they simply click the “Run Calibration” button. 


As can be seen below, the “Manufacturing Complexity for Structure” values for the Hardware Components targeted for calibration have been updated to reflect the values that achieve a Total Cost within the allowed tolerance. 


For users who would like to perform bulk calibrations this feature of TruePlannignXL will be a big benefit and this is just the beginning. More sophisticated calibrations involving multiple inputs are going to be introduced in future versions of TruePlanningXL.  Please feel free to contact PRICE if you have any questions about this feature or would like a demonstration of TruePlanning, TruePlanningXL, or any of the other products by PRICE.