As a new trainer/mentor for PRICE Systems, I try to mitigate the uncertainty that each training/mentoring session might expose.   As is typical, questions that often need a deeper answer that we were prepared to provide.   At a recent training session, we were asked for specific instructions on how to export the TruePlanning® cost model into ACE-IT.  Upon returning to my office, I researched the topic in the Help section of the model and was unable to find step-by-step instructions to accomplish this task.  The guidance in the help section states, “You can share TruePlanning data with others by exporting projects into various file formats. The *.aff file format is recognized by ACEIT, an .xls or .xlsx is recognized by Microsoft Excel, and the *.tpprj file format is recognized by TruePlanning. This functionality is useful when you want to share TruePlanning data with others who can view, edit, and manage the data by using external applications.”  Reaffirming that TruePlanning® is a versatile tool and usable in other file formats. 

The need to provide the instructions motivated me to figure out the process.  After looking deeper into the issue, I was able to develop the steps and process which I list below.

Exporting TruePlanning® 14.2 cost model to ACEIT 7.4

  • In TruePlanning® 14.2
  1. Open the TruePlanning® cost model you want to export to ACEIT, then:

  2. Click:  File>Export>select ACEIT file (.aff) click okay, save the file where you want to save it.  Do not change the “Save as type:”

  • In ACE 7.4
  1. Open ACE 7.4 (or your version)

  2. File> New Session

  3. New Session Window appears; fill out the information as necessary then click Finish

  4. File>Insert Section; 
  5. In the ACE Insert Section Wizard – Select window, click Browse and go to the place you saved the file you exported from TruePlanning®, i.e. Desktop. When you go to the saved location, you will see the ***.aff file; highlight it and click Open. 
    Next window, (still in ACE Insert Section Wizard – Select), asks which section template to import; select your file name and click Next.

  6. The ACE Insert Section Wizard – Preview window shows information on the number of rows and years in the template; you can make changes here as well; I did not make changes here as I wanted the model imported in its entirety.  Click Next.

  7. In the ACE Insert Section Wizard-Placement window you have one drop down and two boxes you can change.  I did not change anything.

  8. Click Finish in the next window

  9. When data finishes exporting, the window closes and takes you back to your estimate in ACE 7.4

Once you have the data in ACE you can change it to fit your needs.

Again, these instructions are based on TruePlanning® 14.2 and ACE 7.4.  Upon the release of TruePlanning® 16.0, I will revisit these instructions and update them as necessary. 

We at PRICE Systems strive to offer you superior customer support and in that light, if you have questions, comments, or need further assistance with this topic or others, please reach out to any of us.  We are always ready to support you!