TruePlanning 2016 takes a large step forward in allowing Maintenance calculation.

For example, in previous versions of TruePlanning, the only way a user could specify different on equipment maintenance was by adding a complete worksheet to change the percentage of work done on the equipment.

TruePlanning 2016 has a number of Life Cycle inputs added to Hardware and COTS objects to make calculation easier.

Among the most important are:

  • Average Number of Parts per Repair – Complex repair may need more than one part per repair.
  • False Failure Fraction - Some pieces of equipment may have more or less than the standard 20% False Failure Rate.
  • Scheduled Maintenance or Manning Fraction – Not all parts of the equipment need Scheduled Manning.
  • Yearly Attrition Rates – Different rates for different equipment.
  • LRU Fraction Repaired to Piece Part at Equipment – Larger pieces such as Frame or Chassis are not able to be removed for normal maintenance, and have to be repaired at the Equipment.
  • Shipping Costs – In a Contractor Scenario, it may be that shipping methods such as Federal Express is used to speed the repair. The Shipping costs may now be specified at an object level.

There are many more additional inputs.

In addition to these inputs on a Hardware and COTS object, the user also has the ability to add the inputs to an assembly or system, so the children can inherit the values. This allows the user to specify values for a complete assembly without having to add them to each individual object.

For more information about the added features, please contact your SA (Solutions Architect) at PRICE Systems.