A recent discussion with family and friends regarding customer service steered me to write this blog.  We determined that the “human” touch is almost extinct in today’s high technology, hurried world.  It is often difficult to get a living, breathing person to help you when you have a questions or concern with a product you purchased.  It appears that the bottom line has become the driver and ultimate decision maker for businesses. I was excited to share that I work for a company that still believes that customer service is the bottom line and that the “human” touch is vital to support our customer base—PRICE Systems, LLC.

As my previous blogs might have mentioned, I am fairly new to PRICE Systems LLC.  I pursued this company for my last and final career change because of the exceptional customer service I received while employed as a Cost Chief for the Department of Defense.  The customer service provided by every team member at PRICE Systems, is without a doubt, the best in our industry. 

What makes PRICE Systems the best?  In polling the same family and friends, we determined that there are many factors that contribute to a gratifying, exceptional experience.  We listed patience and attentiveness, ability to communicate clearly, product knowledge, displaying a positive attitude, and learning to “read” their customers.

Patience is a virtue…we have all heard this at least once in our lifetime, usually from our parents or teachers.  Patience is important when dealing with customers because often, the customer has exhausted all avenues before reaching out to customer service for help.  Understanding that the customer might be frustrated and overloaded with lack of information, we, as representatives of our organizations, should ensure that we take the time to listen, offer empathy, and demonstrate we have “time” for their concerns.  Many have encountered the person on the other side of the counter or other end of the phone who is in a hurry to move on because they have a quota to meet.  We at PRICE have no such thing other and 100% satisfaction!  It was refreshing and reassuring to be treated respectively and with “patience” every time I called a team member at PRICE.  I always felt safe and reassured knowing my concerns would be resolved because the organization philosophy is that you help your customer until their concerns are resolved and they are completely satisfied.

Product knowledge is important to our customers for several reasons.  Our industry is competitive and often the results obtained from our product is reported at very high levels for financials decisions in the millions.  At PRICE, the team is able to present TruePlanning® or any of the other products in our catalogue, and answer any questions related to it with confidence and enthusiasm, assuring our customers that they purchased the right product and have the right team supporting the product. 

As I experienced, product knowledge is essential in building customer relationships and trust…our customers see and appreciate the effort we make in keeping them informed about the updates and important features of our product.  This practice illustrates to our customers that we are knowledgeable, trustworthy and available to them.   Through our continued internal training and education, we increase our knowledgebase and skill sets so that we are consistently providing, you, the customer with the correct product and support you need.   

Ultimately, our goal at PRICE Systems is to provide excellent customer service and support after the sale.  We are available to ensure that the customer service we provide is about your organizations’ needs and that we continually exceed your, our valued customers, expectations.  The PRICE Systems team is available to you 24/7, 365 days a year at 856.608.7200 or email: www.pricesystems.com.   We value your questions, concerns, feedback, and opinions!  Give us the opportunity to help you!