When first creating your resume it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Personally, I would start by opening a Word Document and look through the pre-created templates. These templates help guide you to the best place to insert your information and provide an overall layout of a good resume.

The same thing happens when you open TruePlanning® to create your first cost estimate. Like the pre-created templates in Microsoft Word, our templates were created by our cost research team to provide you with a guide on how to get started on your estimate. One of the templates we have created is an Automated Information System (AIS) Template which can be found under the “Information System” category. According to Wikipedia, an Automated Information System is “an assembly of computer hardware, software, firmware or any combination of these, configured to accomplish specific information handling operations” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automated_information_system).

All templates in TruePlanning® are based on the widely used MIL STD 881C. The AIS Template was created based on several projects found in the PRICE archives. Armed with these projects, I worked with a Solutions Architect to establish general categories of software that are typical in an AIS system as well as the typical breakdowns of the amount of new, adapted and reused size. The hardware assumptions were determined from GAO reports containing information about number of users per site. For guidance on market trends in hardware prices, make sure to check out Anna Foote's blog on IT Hardware.

When using the AIS Template remember that our templates are here as a guide to get you started on your estimate of an information system. The values in the templates are based on research and data from PRICE Systems. For a specific system, you will need to do more in-depth tailoring to make adjustments for the template to accurately provide the best estimate for your system. You will need to adjust some inputs such as New, Deleted, and Reused Size along with Language for the Software. For the Hardware, you will have to adjust the Number of Devices along with the Unit Purchase Price.

For more information on templates and how to use them in general please refer to Grady Noll's blogs on Templates: What are they? and How do I use them?.