In our previous blog, we defined PCA and PRICE’s unique approach via TruePlanning.  This blog is the first of seven to describe by specific impacts on key business processes and functional areas that benefit from this capability.


PRICE® Cost Analytics (“PCA”) provides the tools and a systematic approach to enhance the effectiveness of Total Cost Management (“TCM”) through the application of cost management principles, proven methodologies and the latest predictive technology in support of the management process and its decision-making.

PCA and TCM both start with a simple concept based on the time-tested Deming or Shewhard cycle. In essence, TCM and PCA are aligned as quality management processes. PCA addresses the quality of cost management, cost estimation and the decisions made based on the predictive cost estimates. The systematic approach employed by PCA ensures continuous feedback and improvement. This feedback loop ensures that decisions are being supported with the most current information, based on the most appropriate projects. The PCA framework supports cost estimation and analysis throughout the entire project lifecycle, as does the TCM framework.


Success can be accelerated by the PRICE® Predictive Cost Analytics (PCA) integration of business, engineering, and program management objectives in order to produce competitive solutions. 

TruePlanning immediately facilitates objective quantitative assessment of customer needs/requirements, winning-business solutions, and project lifecycle cost management.

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