Check out this article  - “New software can detect when people text and drive” – turns out that researchers at the University of Waterloo have created algorithms that recognize distracted driver behaviors such as texting, cell phone usage or reaching into the backseat to retrieve items.  Using cameras and artificial intelligence to detect and classify distracted behaviors. Machine learning employed to ‘inform’ the algorithms that are at the heart of this technology.  The algorithms build on work that has been done at the university’s Centre for Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence creating intelligence to recognize blinking eyes, pupil dilation, and heart rate etc. – all research dedicated to making drivers safer from the results of exhaustion and distraction.  The intent is to combine all of these different driver related algorithms into a system that could be installed in automobiles.  When realized, the technology, combined with other smart car features could result in a car smart enough to save us from our own bad behavior.