Original Post Date: Monday, July 20, 2009 

Did you know that according to kgb a single Google search takes 0.2g of Carbon Dioxide? Asking Google 2 questions is equivalent to boiling a tea kettle full of water.  If there were 2 billion Google searches a day in 2008, today we're looking at more than 400 Million g of Carbon Dioxide a day just for Google searches. 

A part of my job at PRICE is to look into emerging trends and technologies to determine if and how changes in the world impact the costs of hardware, software and information technology projects.  An area of great interest to me is the greening of IT.  I am interested in this for several reasons. First of all I care about the world and worry about the environmental situation we are leaving behind for our children.  Secondly I think that Green IT is a win-win for businesses. 

Check out this report at GreenBiz.com "Green IT: Gaining in Importance Globally" you will note that the author discusses the fact that many businesses are investing in Green IT, not just to be socially conscious but also  because of the positive impact to the bottom line.    As the costs of energy increase, organizations are realizing what a large part of their IT budget is spent on power.  Investments in power efficiency, cloud computing and virtualization actually make IT costs decrease.