Original Post Date: Friday, November 20, 2009

Bill Scheessele’s article in the Washington Technology, Time for a hard look at marketing strategies, is a quick read about organization’s reacting to these new economic conditions.

He suggests that most organizations are...

"Attempting to move forward with an obsolete business development operation, reacting to fewer opportunities and shifting budgets by shedding business development personnel, sticking with an outdated business development process that everyone in the industry uses, or doing nothing while waiting on the sidelines for conditions to change are not reasonable decisions."

This is further supported by the recent flurry of acquisitions both inside and outside of the federal market space. At least organizations acknowledge their lack of agility and ability to evolve and are acquiring expertise and capabilities in new market areas that provide the HOPE of growth – and stability. Regardless of the methods, business as usual is not an option.

Mr. Scheessele proposes a few proactive ideas that organizations should consider:

Invest Resources in conducting a comprehensive assessment of your entire business development operation: plans, personnel, and processes.

Design, build and implement an up-to-date, customized business development methodology that fits your organization's mission, culture, and offerings and provides the structure, discipline and thinking necessary for revenue growth.